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Ruffled Ring (Gold Filled) - 1pc.

Ruffled Ring (Gold Filled) - 1pc.

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A best seller for closed rings in the store.  Strong enough to hold its shape, but light enough not to weigh down any jewelry piece.  The hammering pattern makes it look individually made (enough though it's not) and the design is on BOTH SIDES! 

Perfect to wrap beads onto, and turn into a PENDANT or CHARM!  Most clasps and cords fit easily through this ring! 

  • Lightweight gold filled ring, textured on BOTH sides
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Dimensions:
    • 11mm - great for clasping into and small earring
    • 15mm - this size and larger are great for earrings and focals
    • 21mm - this size and up is beautiful as earrings or single focals on a necklace
    • 26mm
    • 34.5mm
    • 42mm
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