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Tahitian Pearls with Silver Cap Finished Earrings - 1 pair (J223)

Tahitian Pearls with Silver Cap Finished Earrings - 1 pair (J223)

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Experience the epitome of refined elegance with our Tahitian Pearls with Silver Filigree Cap Earrings. Each earring features a mesmerizing Tahitian pearl, known for its deep, radiant luster and captivating hues, crowned with an exquisitely detailed silver filigree cap.

The intricate filigree work adds a vintage charm and a touch of delicate craftsmanship, creating a stunning contrast against the boldness of the black pearls. Perfect for special occasions or adding a sophisticated flourish to your everyday style, these earrings promise to be a cherished addition to any jewelry collection, blending classic beauty with artisanal finesse.

  • Tahitian Pearls with Sterling Silver Cap Earrings
  • Pearl Size: 10x12mm
  • Quantity: 1 pair
  • Handmade at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu
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