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Tibetan Dorje Varje Bronze Amulet Spear Pendant - 1 pc. (M1935)

Tibetan Dorje Varje Bronze Amulet Spear Pendant - 1 pc. (M1935)

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Known in Tibetan as "Dorje" and in Sanskrit as "Vajra," this charm represents the thunderbolt power of enlightenment. Crafted in elegant bronze featuring a convenient loop at the top for easy attachment.

  • Pendant / Charm
  • Length: 58mm or 45mm
  • Quantity: 1 pc.
  • Dimensions:
    • 58mm or 45mm
  • Brass

This Dorje (Vajra) Charm is ideal for:

  • Spiritual Jewelry: Create necklaces or bracelets that carry deep symbolic meaning, perfect for those seeking enlightenment or a connection to Tibetan culture.
  • Decorative Keychains: Use this charm to craft keychains that not only look beautiful but also offer spiritual protection.
  • Bookmarks and Accessories: Incorporate them into bookmarks or other personal items for a touch of mysticism and a reminder of strength.
  • Gift Items: Offer as a thoughtful gift to loved ones who appreciate spiritual or cultural symbolism.
  • Home Decor: Attach decorative items to your home or office to bring a sense of peace and power to your space.
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