Crystal Quartz: The Basics!

Crystal Quartz: The Basics!

Crystal Quartz, the birthstone of April, is an amazing gem that we just can't get enough of! I'm a huge fan of stones, and this clear, colorless quartz is especially mesmerizing. It's like a power booster for other stones around it, making it perfect for meditation and energy healing.

We've collected it for years, and I have at least 25 pieces in my beading studio, hallways, desk and the yard!

It's amazing to think that crystal quartz is formed over millions of years. The process involves silica-rich solutions that fill cavities in rocks, resulting in a clear and colorless mineral that's absolutely gorgeous, it's our version of DIAMONDS (more on a separate blog post about Herkimer Diamond Quartzes). When cut and polished, crystal quartz sparkles like nothing else, giving jewelry a luxurious look that can be fun or sophisticated!

But what really sets crystal quartz apart is its spiritual side. It's believed to have healing powers that can improve focus and amplify energy. 

Crystal Quartz is often referred to as the "master healer"

due to its ability to magnify energy and enhance the properties of other stones around it. Its clear and glass-like appearance symbolizes its amplification powers, making it a highly sought-after stone for meditation and spiritual practices. In fact, the magnification powers of crystal quartz are so potent that it is used in various technologies as a magnifier, such as in microscopes and telescopes. The reality of using crystal quartz as a magnifier is a testament to its powerful properties and its ability to amplify energy in both the physical and spiritual realms.

While I knew that Crystal quartz is used in watches (before my Apple Watch) to keep time through a process called the piezoelectric effect, I never really thought about the idea that there was a gem in my watch. So cool!! When an electric current is applied to a small piece of crystal quartz, it vibrates at a very precise frequency, which is then used to measure time. These vibrations are so precise that they can keep time accurate to within a few seconds per day. Thanks quartz!

We hope you enjoy Crystal quartz as much as we do -  its ability to amplify energy and improve focus makes it a popular choice for those seeking spiritual balance, beautiful home decor and energetic boosts! And let's not forget about that amazing sparkle and last but not least, it keeps us on time!

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