Hawaiian Home Decor Ideas: Two Kits!

Hawaiian Home Decor Ideas: Two Kits!

Feel like you had a little vacation to Hawaii? If you'd like to have a "Hawaiian touch" in your home check this video for Hawaiian home decor ideas

It's always nice to spend a few days at the beach and get away from it all.

And if you're looking for some serious relaxation and rejuvenation, we've got just the thing.

In today's post, we're going to share with you some Hawaiian home decor ideas so that you can bring a little bit of the islands into your space.

With these tips, it'll be easy to make your home feel like a tropical paradise—even when you're still cooped up in your apartment during winter!

Our kits and mixes will give your home a piece of paradise! These are crafty items that you can make and enjoy on the same day. If you'd like to bring the spirit of Hawaii into your home, check out this video about Hawaiian home decor ideas. 

Two kits are available on our site:

Beachcomber Lightcatcher Kit:
Available in two summer colors: Light Aqua and Green

Life's A Beach Mobile Kit:
This kit includes two types of charms Whale Tail and  Pineapple

Whatever choice you make we assure you it will bring authentic Hawaiian spirit in your home!

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