No Beadin' Around the Bush!

No Beadin' Around the Bush!

No lie - Covid-19 and closing the store to our family and friends may be the most challenging task we've faced in 22 years.

It's been different.  Jason, Michelle and I don't see each other daily, and we aren't in our everyday sync where we could read each other's minds and body language.  We joke that it's what it must be like working for Amazon, and most likely I would have been fired by now for all my bathroom breaks and tech errors.  OMG.

We now communicate over Slack, we've even Zoomed, and it's been quite a feat getting used to being a mail-order business - CAUSE WE CAN'T SEEM TO STOP GIVING THE SAME IN-PERSON CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Truth is, we are getting a bit tired.. A bit worn from working double time for half the amount. The stress of coming up with rent and payroll bites at us, and yet, I've never felt more fortunate in my life.   The love and kindnesses, and support we receive DAILY from our family and friends has been wonderful, and it keeps us going.

We are POSITIVE that we will be re-opening.  Maybe not with in-person classes, full staff, or events.. Probably with ALL of us (staff AND customers) wearing masks, gloves, taking temperatures and being SUPER SAFE as many of our customers fall into the at-risk crowd.

We may only take in one person at a time, with a time-limit.  It's a bit of a worry, but instead, let's all focus on what we can control.  Our attitudes.. Our positivity.. Our passions.

No one knows what to expect.  And let's look at it as exciting!  No one was prepared, but let's jump in with creativity and innovation!  It's really easy to spiral downwards, but this crowd that I hang with (ALL OF YOU), are not the type to take the easy way.   Beaders don't take it "easy".  LOL, otherwise we'd buy everything made for us.

So if you've read this far, you most likely have the same mindset and heart as we do.  Never give up.. Never surrender.  Be unstoppable.  When it gets hard, ask for help.  When it takes too much time and energy, move on.   There's always a solution, even if it's not obvious.  Be kind to yourself and do something wonderful for yourself daily!  Just keep moving forward because tomorrow will be awesome... and if not, just wait one more day.... and if we are lucky, we'll have a succession of days to look back on and call a good "life".  

Hugs!! LOVE. Aloha!  And know that we are right there with you.

Your friends for life....Jamie, Jason and Michelle!

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