Collection: Mardi Gras Collection

Ah, Mardi Gras colors! The vibrant mix of hues found in this traditional season of revelry are iconic and recognizable all over the world. In fact, one only needs to walk down the street during Mardi Gras time to be surrounded by bright bursts of purple, yellow, green and more, no matter what city they might find themselves in. But what do the colors mean? Every nation possesses its own myths, legends, and history and as such, each will have its own meaning when it comes to color.

In Louisiana, where much of the Carnival season is celebrated during Mardi Gras, the colors have special meaning. Purple stands for justice, gold stands for strength, and green stands for change in abundance or luck. This meaning is embodied in the season’s songs, acts, parades and festivities. Little wonder then that the hues of Mardi Gras are so joyous and vibrant. When wearing Mardi Gras colors, you'll often see them represented in many ways, from clothing to decorations. From bright green and purple masks to intricate mixtures of golden tones, there's an endless way to get creative with how you express yourself. Whether you've been celebrating Mardi Gras for years or it's your first time, anyone can find fun and exciting ways to show off their style.

Dressing up in the colors of Mardi Gras creates a vibrant, celebratory atmosphere in any place. So why not join us in expressing yourself in shades of purple, gold, and green? Have fun and enjoy the season of Carnival by adding a bit of color to your wardrobe. Who knows, you may turn out to be the star of the show at this year’s Mardi Gras!