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Nancy Lee LOVE Bracelet Collection


This set was crafted by our own MISS NANCY - her skill with colors has transcended fabric and materials - to beads! 

The theme we chose to kick off the new year was gemstones for good family relationships! The green and pink are for the heart chakra, and it reminded me of my mom's energy - so I asked Nancy to include the grounding and comforting smoky quartz to finish it off!

Includes ONE exclusive carved rose quartz with the character for "LOVE"!


To make one stretchy cord bracelet you need:

1 - Nancy Lee Kit

1- strand of howlite or rose quartz

1- spool of stretchy cord or a starter pack

Scissors and a clipboard is recommended.


Video Tutorial:

Stretchy Cord Bracelet at The Bead Gallery

  • Stretchy Cord Starter Pack

    46 in stock

    A ready to go bracelet stringing kit that will make ONE bracelet.  Comes with 4 ft. of stretchy cord in one of our top 3 best selling colors and 6"...

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    46 in stock
  • White Howlite Strand - 10mm Round

    32 in stock

    10mm Round Howlite  8'' strand, approximately 20 beads Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of gemstones, their appearance may vary to some degree.

    32 in stock