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Beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbons about to fly home!

LAST CALL SPECIAL: Buy 6 and get an extra $12 ribbon of our choice, FREE!

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Acai Bowl

Mango Tree




Molokai Channel



Koko Crater


Farmer's Market

Coral Reef

Anuenue Rainbow

Honolulu Zoo 

*Silk Super Wide

**Super Silky (Habotai)


Enjoy! And hand wash them when they get a little "rough" from wearing it hard!

  • Silk Ribbons - 34”
  • Made with the highest quality raw silk that’s custom ordered to twice the amount of silk per square inch than typical silk clothing!
  • Stitched and small-batched hand-dyed in California.
  • Can be rinsed in cold water.
  • Can be ironed for a “ribbon” look.

 Video Tutorials:

Spun Silk Bracelet

Ribbon Wrapped Bracelet & Ribbon Wrapped Bracelet Supplies

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