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1mm Round Bur Bit - 3 pcs. (TLB29D)

1mm Round Bur Bit - 3 pcs. (TLB29D)

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Drill tiny holes in metal and even delicate shells with these 1mm steel round bur bits.

  • Quantity: 3 pieces
  • 3/32" shank
  • 1mm round tip
  • Made in England
  • This bit is not intended to use alone, so please use it with a manual reamermotorized bead reamer, or flex shaft.

    *Safety Tips:

    1) Please keep your eyes protected.

    2) Make sure to use the drill bits wet, in order to lubricate the reamer, and make the diamonds last as long as possible. Working in water will also keep the dust minimalized if you don't have adequate ventilation.

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