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24" Satellite Necklace Chain (Gold Filled)

24" Satellite Necklace Chain (Gold Filled)

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  • Satellite Necklace Chain
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Length: 24"
  • Available in:
    • Gold Filled

Ready to wear finished chains with a clasp and ring already attached for your convenience!  

Add a pendant and you have jewelry! Or cut the chain into sections and you can basic wire wrap it back with gemstones to make it beautiful! 

Recommended Lengths:

  • 16" is a choker standard, or just right on a skinny neck to end in the dip of your throat!  It's nice if you want to activate your throat chakra and remember to speak kindly and carefully :)
  • 18" is a very popular length - it fits almost everyone!  On some, it's short, on others it's longer, but it's a safe length when you aren't sure what to get.
  • 20" is great if you don't like "tight" jewelry, or when you want it lower than your t-shirt neckline and it looks great with V-neck clothes!
  • 24" is perfect because you can get it over your head without using the clasp!  It's a great length to activate your heart chakra and feel loved!
  • 30" is my personal go-to for energetic gem wearing because you can easily pop it over your head, AND you can admire whatever pendant you choose that day! If you love to admire your gemstones, this is the length for YOU!  It's long enough to look good with t-shirts, tunics or dresses, and still not get in the way when you sit down!
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