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3mm Czech Firepolish Glass Beads Mix

3mm Czech Firepolish Glass Beads Mix

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A super cute mix of 3mm Czech glass firepolish beads!  Why are they called firepolish?  Because they use really high heat to smooth out the beads after they are faceted. This makes it super comfortable to wear, and still has a bit of sparkle!

With over 80 beads, you can string mask leashes, bracelets, and the tiny size is great for crochet, baby knots, or binding!  The sample pictured has Berry Blend Wrapped on to a cuff! You need ideas?  Check these videos out!

  • 3mm Czech Firepolish Glass Beads Mix
  • Approximately 80 plus beads per bag
  • Each mix is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.

Video Tutorials

Mini Crochet at The Bead Gallery

Binding Beads with Wire at The Bead Gallery

Baby Knots at The Bead Gallery - Perfect for Beginners!

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