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7.5mm Evil Eye Triangle Bead (Thai silver) - 1 pc. (M969)

7.5mm Evil Eye Triangle Bead (Thai silver) - 1 pc. (M969)

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Handstamped on all 3 sides with the evil eye - a perfect handmade bead for protection

The "Evil Eye" is a symbol rooted in ancient mythology, prevalent across many cultures and often used in jewelry and decorative items as a protective talisman. The concept of the Evil Eye is that it wards off negative energies and harmful intentions directed towards an individual. Wearing or displaying the Evil Eye is believed to deflect any malevolent gaze or bad luck away from the person, bringing about protection, peace, and positive energy.

In various traditions, the Evil Eye is more than just a shield against misfortune; it is also thought to bring good luck and enhance well-being. By repelling negative vibes and promoting a positive environment, it can help foster conditions conducive to success, health, and happiness.

    • 7.5mm Evil Eye Triangle Bead
    • Quantity: 1 piece
    • Dimensions:
      • 7.5mm
      • Hole size fits up to 16 gauge
    • Thai Silver
    • Available Online Only
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