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African Turquoise 8mm Round Bead - 7.5" Strand

African Turquoise 8mm Round Bead - 7.5" Strand

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African Turquoise is a teal, speckled form of jasper. Considered the “Stone of Evolution”, it is said to bring about great change and transformation within one’s life. Its encouraging energy opens minds to the possibility of newness. This stone helps us to see the need for development and metamorphosis, then provides the balance and confidence necessary to further the process of self-development. It will renew your spirit, energy, and path in life. Wear it or carry it with you, and you will feel its reassurance as you meet new possibilities.
  • 8mm African Turquoise Smooth Round Bead
  • 7.5" strand
  • Approximately 25 beads per strand
  • Each strand is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones

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