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Angel Feather Fluorite Bead - 2 Sizes Available

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A pretty rare find that I got on a trip to Japan. Fluorite comes in a beautiful shade of colors from yellow, to blue, to purples.  The purples are the easiest to find, with the blue being more rare and collectible, and the whites and blacks the hardest to find.

Fluorite is great for protection and as it's a softer stone, I like to think of it as absorbent of the negativity around us, and even more perfect, these have "angel wing" patterning in them!

I bought the larger specimen as a sample to show where the beads come from.  As you can see, the part with the angel wing is a very specific portion, and not as plentiful.


  • Angel Feather Fluorite Bead - 1 pc.
  • Smooth Round
  • 12.5m or 14mm