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Anthurium Leaf Charm (2 Metal Options) - 1 pc.

Anthurium Leaf Charm (2 Metal Options) - 1 pc.

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We love this beautiful glossy flower that came to Hawaii in the late 1800's from the faraway rainforests of South America!  It "bloomed" in popularity in the 1940's, and my grandparents on the Big Island grew these all around their plantation home!  I love the natural HEART shape of this plant! 

Red is a common color, so I posted these beautiful green ones for you to admire when I was on Lanai!

  • Anthurium Leaf Charm
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Dimensions: 17.5mm L x 13mm w
    • Available in:
      • Sterling Silver
      • Vermeil

    Photo of the two pieces shows the detailed FRONT and BACK of the anthurium! 

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