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Baja Turquoise 10mm Round Bead - 1 pc. (P3108)

Baja Turquoise 10mm Round Bead - 1 pc. (P3108)

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Turquoise has a profound cultural and historical significance, especially in native and indigenous cultures of the Americas. The Baja Turquoise, by extension, carries this legacy, symbolizing elements of protection, wisdom, and peace. Its specific origin adds a layer of regional importance, connecting the stone to the local traditions and history of the Baja California area.

*INTERESTING to know: Baja California's geological area is characterized by a diverse and dynamic landscape, shaped by its extensive volcanic history. Among the variety of rocks found here, rhyolite stands out, a volcanic rock that contributes to the unique mineral compositions of the region. This volcanic activity, including the presence of rhyolite, plays a key role in the formation of turquoise with distinctive brown matrix patterns, giving the gemstone its unique character and appeal.

  • Baja Turquoise 10mm Round Bead
  • Quantity:1 piece
  • Hole size fits up to 18 gauge
  • Each bead is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones
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