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Basic Knotting Tweezers - 1 pc. (TLB41B)

Basic Knotting Tweezers - 1 pc. (TLB41B)

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Tweezers are a necessity in our tool kits!!  We use them to poke threads into tiny spaces, pull them out, and MOST IMPORTANTLY to KNOT!   We carry extremely different qualities, so it’s even easier to discern the performance and quality of the two!  We always recommend the $5 version as an intro into knotting and beading because it’s so inexpensive! 

*** And for those interested in a high-quality tweezer that doesn’t disappoint, won’t shred your thread, that squeezes tight without cutting and glides easily when you make knots – we all use and recommend the Swiss-made tweezers – they are awesome!

Want to see me use my swiss tweezers? Check out our YouTube video for instructions and advice on Knotting with Jamie!


These $5 basic tweezers made in India are great for beginners.  We use these for knotting and thread projects.  Made of stainless steel.  4 1/2” long.

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