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Black Lip Shell Small Monstera Pendant - 1 pc.

Black Lip Shell Small Monstera Pendant - 1 pc.

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  • Black Lip Shell hand carved small flat monstera pendant
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 22mm
    • Width: 15mm
    • Thickness: 2mm
  • Hole size fits up to 20 gauge
  • Each piece is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the cut and shell

Monstera plants are popular in Hawaii and their motif shows up in many our of island decor - from quilts, interior decorations, party placemats, and the plants themselves in our homes. These beautifully carved leaves were hand-cut from lustrous black lip oyster shells (where Tahitian pearls are born!), and range in color from golden brown to iridescent black.

***Matched mirrored pairs are available! Purchase 2 pieces, and we will pull a matched pair for you to make earring design a breeze!

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