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Blue Chalcedony, Ametrine, and Cape Amethyst Mala Bead Mix - 3 pcs. (MIX099)

Blue Chalcedony, Ametrine, and Cape Amethyst Mala Bead Mix - 3 pcs. (MIX099)

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This set of gems aligns with the body's energy centers, each stone chosen for its unique vibrational qualities:

  • Total pieces: 3
  • 21mm Blue Chalcedony long-drill flat coin bead - 1 piece
  • 10x37mm Ametrine faceted double terminated bead - 1 piece
  • 8mm Cape Amethyst Rondelle Bead - 1 piece
  • Each mix is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.
  • The jewelry sample pictured is for inspiration. If you would like to commission a similar custom piece, please contact us!

*Blue Chalcedony: Suspended gracefully, the Blue Chalcedony offers a tranquil centerpiece, fostering peaceful reflection and serene communication.
*Ametrine: Just beneath, the Ametrine bead shines with a unique blend of amethyst and citrine, symbolizing balance and inner harmony.
*Cape Amethyst: Completing the pendant, the Cape Amethyst rondelle supports the crown with its purifying and soothing qualities.

A soothing presence, ideal for nurturing a state of balance and mindful peace.

Craft your unique story by knotting, wire wrapping, or creating eyepins to integrate these stones into bracelets, necklaces, or as the stunning focal point of a mala. Whether you straight-string them or feature them individually, these gemstones are your canvas for expression—design an adornment that's as unique as your personal journey.

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