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Blue Onyx 2mm Smooth Round Bead - 16" Strand

Blue Onyx 2mm Smooth Round Bead - 16" Strand

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  • 2mm Blue Onyx Strand smooth round bead
  • 16" strand
  • Approximately 12 beads per inch
  • Each strand is slightly different due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones

Onyx is a stone of inner strength and willpower, especially in times of enormous mental or physical stress. It assists you in keeping your own counsel and helps you maintain focus, allowing you to learn new and challenging things. Onyx also boosts memory retention and attention to detail. It can serve as a good tool for those who have difficulty grounding due to excessive energies towards nervousness, hot tempers, etc.  It  stabilizes and heals root chakra.

Blue onyx is a dyed stone, that can have fine bands or none (due to the nature of onyx).  Onyx has been dyed since ancient times - to improve the depth of color, and especially to achieve the much-desired black hue. The treatment usually involves soaking chalcedony in a sugar solution, which penetrates the stone through the fractures present on the surface. Pretty cool, huh!

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