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Brass Caliper - 1 pc. (TLB29)

Brass Caliper - 1 pc. (TLB29)

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Need a better way to measure your beads, rather than the eyeballing technique?  This is a wonderful tool (and you should check out the digital caliper first though), that will 

This 80mm brass gauge is identical to higher-end European models but less expensive. The quality is great, and time savings of not having to guess on a ruler is well worth the price!  We use calipers quite a bit to determine bead sizes, and then can accurately figure out how many beads you need to get a certain length in a project.

Made of solid brass and features notched jaws for inside/outside measurements as well as a 1/10th millimeter vernier gauge.  Click on the link to read more about the Vernier caliper!

Length 3"

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