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Brass Spike 4x17mm Pendant - 2 pcs. (M1862)

Brass Spike 4x17mm Pendant - 2 pcs. (M1862)

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Add an edgy flair to your jewelry collection with our Brass Spike Pendants. Perfect for those who love a bold look, each spike measures approximately 4x17mm and comfortably fits up to 20 gauge wire. Sold in pairs, these pendants offer a stylish way to make a statement with your accessories.

These Brass Spike Pendants can be used for:

  • Statement Necklaces: Incorporate these spikes into necklaces for a bold, punk-inspired look.
  • Daring Earrings: Design striking earrings that stand out with their unique spike shape.
  • Creative Bracelets: Add these as dramatic charms on bracelets for an added edge.
  • Fashion Accessories: Attach them to bags or hats for a custom, trendy update.
  • DIY Projects: Use in various crafts to add a touch of modern, industrial style.
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