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Crown Flower Mixed Gemstone 3.5mm Faceted Round Bead - 7.5" Strand (GEM1928)

Crown Flower Mixed Gemstone 3.5mm Faceted Round Bead - 7.5" Strand (GEM1928)

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Super sweet mix of amethyst, sunstone, rose quartz and iolite - that reminds us of the crown flower that blooms in Hawaii. It has beautiful flowers that are used to make leis and were a favorite of the last queen of Hawaii AND attracts butterflies as an added bonus!
  • 3.5mm Crown Flower mixed gemstone faceted round bead
  • Stones included on this strand are:
    • Sunstone
    • Amethyst
    • Rose Quartz
    • Iolite
  • 7.5" strand
    • Approximately 9 beads per inch
    • Each strand is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones

    Amethyst is known for its healing powers and "protective shield," balancing inner forces, providing strength and energy, aiding meditation, calming the mind, imparting knowledge and insight, and helping curb bad habits..

    Sunstone is a crystal feldspar incl. hematite & goethite which refracts light, creating iridescence. Warm shades of orange, gold, red & brown, it's said to bring warmth, generate vitality, awaken love & cleanse negative energy. It's a stone of self-empowerment, manifesting self-worth & promoting expanded thinking.

    Rose Quartz with it's soft shades of pink is best associated with love, nuturing, self-care and a great reminder to love ourselves!

    Iolite is a lovely blue purple that a brings a sense of peace, calm and inner knowingness.

    Laser-cut for excellent faceting and quality drilling.

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