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Curl 2 Fusion Ring - sterling silver w/14k gold tip

Curl 2 Fusion Ring - sterling silver w/14k gold tip

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Shelli Kahl is a jewelry designer that we met years ago and loved her style!  Each piece is unique in that they are made individually with a heat created "thumbprint" on the surface of the silver, and all of her jewelry is produced solely by her.  It's such a treat to work with a designer that customizes on the spot with such a great attitude and kindness!

These rings are beautiful, repeatable, BUT one of a kind in that these are made individually and not batch cast!


  • Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Fusion
  • 1 1/4" in length from point to point
  • Size 7 3/4
  • Custom sizes are available, please ask!
  • Each ring is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the reticulation. 

About Shell-Bell

  • Reticulation is a torch-created texture that is achieved by repeated heating and cooling of sterling silver sheet metal. During this process, much of the copper alloy is burned away from the surface...leaving a lower melting temperature inside the sheet. This differential allows for melting the inner layer without breaking the surface tension and thus creating amazing ripple-like textures on the surface. This is the "canvas" for both Shell-Bell silver jewelry and Fusion II by Shelli.
  • Fusion II is dedicated to the late Charles Duncan, who created the method of fusing 14 karat gold to sterling silver without the use of solder. As a student and friend of Charles Duncan, Shelli had the opportunity to apprentice with him and learn this unprecedented method of fusion. Shelli also learned from Charles the arts of reticulation and re-crystallization of sterling silver, which are the foundations upon which the gold is applied.  "I often think of him as I'm working and try to summon his guidance (okay, I beg out loud!) for skills we only touched upon in training. Amazingly, there aren't any gaps. When I think hard enough (or listen hard enough?!) I find that he taught me everything I need to carry on the work. He truly left me with an amazing gift." - Shelli Kahl
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