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Diamond Bead Reamer Set

Diamond Bead Reamer Set

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The Diamond Bead Reamer Set is a manual and convenient way to ream your beads if you have no electricity OR love to do things at a leisurely pace!  You'll definitely work those hand muscles!  I drilled out a handful of pearls to knot on a leather bracelet (20 years ago) and it took me 2 hours.  The same job done with the MOTORIZED BEAD REAMER was 15 minutes tops!

It features three points and a 4-1/2" hollow handle in which to store them. You'll find the Diamond Bead Reamer set to be versatile, easy to use and trouble-free.

Features include:

Three diamond tips: small and large reaming tips plus 45° edge reamer.

Easy release chuck friction fitted into the aluminum housing which releases instantly when the collet is unscrewed.

Anodized aluminum handle; brass chuck so rust is never a problem.

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