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FireLine Braided Bead Thread

FireLine Braided Bead Thread

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Fireline is a pre-waxed, braided cord consisting of gel-spun polyethylene which is known as the strongest fiber, per diameter, ever created. It has an unbelievably high tensile strength and has been recommended in numerous how-to articles on seed beading and beadworking.

We've used this for decades at The Bead Gallery, and it's our preferred choice for seed beading, as very few projects have broken with this cord as compared to other types of threads!  This is based on personal wear, customers handling the samples for 2 decades, and the observations we have over the multiple projects we've seen made.

  • 6lb. is great for stitching tinier beads, such as 15/0's and when you want to reinforce through a small hole bead multiple times. 

    *This size is Jayne's (Bead Crumbs) favorite size to use with her brick stitch patterns, because she can reinforce her delica seed beads multiple times.  We suggest using a size #12 beading needle with this!

  • 8lb. is great for stitching 11/0's and 8/0's. We suggest using a size #11 or 10 beading needle with this!
  • 10lb. is a great size for straight stringing seed beads or making tassels (anything that you want to have a stronger thicker thread).  We suggest using a size #10 beading needle with this!


  • 15 or 50 yard spools.  Need a LOT more? Put In a special order!
  • 6lb: .006"/.15mm diameter
  • 8lb: .007"/.17mm diameter
  • 10lb: .008"/.20mm diameter
  • Colors: crystal (white) or black satin (Black Satin Fireline is a permanent black color, manufactured with black raw material. It is not a coated or dyed product. No color will come off while using.)
  • Link to Jayne's super cute patterns here
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