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Funny Bunnies by Calvin Orr - 1 pc.

Funny Bunnies by Calvin Orr - 1 pc.

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Super cute one of a kind CRAZY bunnies!!  Calvin made each of them look silly!

#4 likes to par-tay!  Great sidekick for wild nights. 

#13 likes to lie down.  The back of his head is flat.

#28 is super cute! Nothing freaky about this bunny!  For the conservative bunny-buyer!

#29 is super intense.  Self-employed and stays on task with lots of caffeine.

They are all unique and ready to be your Easter Friend!


  • Handmade lampwork glass beads wound on a mandrel and made one by one!
  • Beads total length from chin to ear tip: Approximately 3/4"
  • Holes fit up to 16 gauge wire easily
  • Beads are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for durability.
  • Made in Aiea, Hawaii.
  • Online Exclusive!

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About the Artist

Calvin Orr's beads are one-of-kind, made in the "heat" of the moment. His artistic expression is unmanaged and free-flowing, so we never know what he'll make, or when! I've known him since I was 26, and I'm still constantly surprised by his newest creations! A true artist, he's inspired by everything going around him and he focuses on creating and experimenting! My mom and I met Calvin at a bead show in San Francisco in 1997. They fell in love, he moved to Hawaii and they've been together as long as our bead store! I'm going to share his beads with the world. Luckily, I have access to his stash after Sunday dinners, so I get to feature them here! Please enjoy!

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