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Ganesh's Axe 8.5x8.5mm Brass Charm - 5 pcs. (M1861)

Ganesh's Axe 8.5x8.5mm Brass Charm - 5 pcs. (M1861)

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Embrace the transformative power of Ganesh with our exquisite ax charm, a symbol of cutting through life's obstacles and severing ties with desires that bring pain and suffering. This powerful emblem promises to guide and protect, enhancing clarity and strength on your spiritual and creative journey!

Each measuring approximately 8.5x8.5mm and suitable for up to 18 gauge wire. These pendants blend spiritual significance with artistic appeal, perfect for diverse crafting projects.

  • Ganesh's Axe 8.5x8.5mm Brass Charm

  • Quanity: 2 pieces

  • Made in India

Use these Ganesh's Axe pendants for:

  • Spiritual Jewelry: Craft necklaces or bracelets with a touch of cultural symbolism.

  • Keychains and Bookmarks: Create unique, meaningful accessories.

  • Art Projects: Add a thematic element to mixed media art.

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