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Goddess 25x10mm Metallic "Raku Style" Opaque Czech Glass Bead - 2 pcs. (Z1002)

Goddess 25x10mm Metallic "Raku Style" Opaque Czech Glass Bead - 2 pcs. (Z1002)

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Embrace the divine feminine with our exquisite Goddess Glass Beads, a celebration of strength, beauty, and grace. Each bead is meticulously crafted to symbolize the timeless elegance of goddesses revered across cultures. Adorned with iridescent hues that dance in the light, these beads shimmer in shades of regal gold and ethereal pink, mirroring the dawn's first blush or the golden hour's majestic glow.

They are talismans of empowerment and creativity. Perfect for earrings or as a stunning centerpiece for a necklace or bracelet, they serve as a reminder of the wearer’s own inner power and splendor.

Sold as a pair, these Goddess Glass Beads are ready to become part of your next masterpiece, infusing every creation with a touch of magic and a nod to the awe-inspiring qualities of women around the world. Craft with them, gift them, wear them with pride on International Women's Day—and every day—as a testament to the marvelous tales and triumphs of womanhood.

Order now and let your craft tell a story of admiration, unity, and the magnificent tapestry of women's heritage.

  • 25mm x 10mm Goddess Czech Glass Bead
  • Color / Finish: Metallic Opaque "Raku Style"
  • Quantity: 2 pieces
  • Made in the Czech Republic
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