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Good Luck New Year Mochi Kits - Big "DAIFUKU" (1 pc.)

Good Luck New Year Mochi Kits - Big "DAIFUKU" (1 pc.)

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Kagami mochi for good luck, happiness & harmony in the New Year!  Stacked mochi represents the going and coming years, and the tiny orange symbolizes the togetherness of generations, longevity and prosperity.

This kit is for the DAIFUKU or BIg Luck Mochi!  It includes supplies to make 1 stack. When stacked, the mochi is 3/4" high.

The plates are vintage acrylic and the mochi are delightful freshwater pearls. The tangerine and leaf are Czech and Japanese glass. They are all calorie-free :)

Pieces include:
  • 1 vintage acrylic leaf: 3/4"
  • 1 larger mochi: 11mm
  • 1 smaller mochi: 7.5mm
  • 1 tangerine: 6mm
  • 1 magatama leaf: 3mm

*Note: findings are not included!

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