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Hamsa Hand Link (2 Color Options) - 1 pc.

Hamsa Hand Link (2 Color Options) - 1 pc.

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Mesmerizing patterns and classic motifs from the Middle East infuse this connector with the beauty of the region - and we love that you can wear it facing down OR up, depending on your mood.  Originally the image of the hamsa hand symbolized the hand of God, and as other cultures brought it into their fold, it changed to be one of good luck and protection.

The Hamsa hand facing down symbolizes welcome and openness to good fortune and prosperity. The hand facing up (generally with the "eye") wards off evil and protects the wearer from bad luck.

STOP, or WELCOME - either way, the Hamsa is a sign of good fortune, protection and opening up to goodness and prosperity!

  • Hamsa Hand Link
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 21.5mm
    • Width: 17.5mm
    • Hole size fits up to 16 gauge
  • Available in:
    • Silver Plated
    • Gold Plated

Mini Hamsa is available here!

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