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Handcut Deerskin Suede - 4mm Lace

Handcut Deerskin Suede - 4mm Lace

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These super soft deerskin laces were cut in the U.S. on tribal land, and traded with one of the few authentic traders still doing business in Arizona.  You can tell it's hand cut, because each one is cut in a spiral (the lace is flat though) so you know that it's ONE continuous piece and done by hand. Pretty amazing stuff!!

  • 4mm wide
  • Approx. 3.5 ft.

Colors available from light to dark:

White, Cream, Gold, Saddle Tan, Red. Blue, Black, and Dark Brown (not featured)

*Bonus - the large hole rockhound AND lifesaver beads fit on this lace for the most part!! Yahooooo!

Video Tutorial

Braided Suede & Crystal Bracelet:

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