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Pay, Hold & Ship Request!

Pay, Hold & Ship Request!

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SAVE ON SHIPPING!  Updated June 2023

Combine your live showcase purchases and/or unshipped online orders to ONE shipment - add this "PAY, HOLD & SHIP Request" to your current cart before checkout!  We will hold your items until you ask us to release it!

How does this work?

If you place two or more orders in a span of one week, we can combine them and hold them until they can be shipped in one package. We will hold your items until you ask us to release it! (notice the recurring message?)

How will I save on shipping?

We will either credit or refund your shipping or credit it towards a larger flat rate box if necessary.

How do I let you know I'm ready for my beads?

Email or text us when you want your combined orders shipped.

What if I order again the following week?

We will keep adding to the same box until you release shipment.

Will I ever have to pay shipping even though I spent over $150?

Yes. Although our shipping is free, it's only up to a certain USPS flat rate box size.  If you exceed the free box size, we will contact you to work it out and split shipping if necessary.  Be assured, we do our very best to maximize the space in the free boxes!!



  1. Pay the shipping on the first order if it's under the “Free Shipping” minimum. 
  2. On subsequent orders, add this "PAY HOLD SHIP" product to cart and choose LOCAL PICKUP on checkout.
  3. In a LIVE SHOWCASE, comment PHS

When you're prepared to send out your shipment, you have a few options:

- Respond to your most recent purchase confirmation email and use "SHIP NOW" as the subject line.

- Send an email to with "SHIP NOW" in the subject field.

- Text your first and last name, along with the message "SHIP NOW," to 808-436-4930.


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