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Jeweler's Fine Flush Cutter (TLB17B)

Jeweler's Fine Flush Cutter (TLB17B)

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We LOVE these cutters for thin wire projects!  The tips are extremely small compared to other cutters, and able to get into the tiniest spaces and precisely flush-cut super close!  Forged from high-grade steel, these flush cutters are awesome if you like to make tiny wire wraps. 

These cutters are rated to cut up through 16 gauge wire, BUT we do not recommend it.  After using these for years, you will preserve the precise tip of the jaws AND the tool's overall longevity by cutting no larger than 20 gauge. 

Our tools and cutters are used almost daily, so their continued life in the store attests to their strength, quality, and durability!

  • Adjustable precision screw joint minimizes friction and maximizes alignment of cutting edges
  • Double-leaf springs with textured surface non-slip handles
  • Overall length: 109mm (4.29")
  • Jaw length: 9.0mm (0.35")
  • Lindstroms that you purchase here are re-conditionable through us.  Please inquire with Jason about the timing and cost.
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