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Kauai Kahelelani Shell Necklace Kit

Kauai Kahelelani Shell Necklace Kit

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This necklace is perfect for anyone who loves minimalist jewelry! It features tiny, handpicked Hawaiian sea shells, accented with vintage gold plated charlottes.

Kahelelani shells are the smallest & rarest of the shells which are mainly found on the islands of Ni`ihau and Kaua`i.
  • Makes up to a 17" necklace. Just trim the necklace chain from the center if you prefer to have a shorter finished length!

This exclusive Kauai Kahelelani Shell Necklace Kit from The Bead Gallery, Honolulu includes:

  • 16" finished basic cable chain gold filled necklace - 1 piece
  • Kahelelani shells from Kaua`i - 6 pieces
  • Vintage plated Czech glass 13/0 charlottes - approximately 10 pieces
  • 24 gauge gold filled half hard wire - 6 inches

    Video Tutorial:

    Basic Wire Wrap at The Bead Gallery

    Project PDF:

    Kauai Kahelelani Shell Necklace

    * Additional Tools Required

    • Basic Wire Wrap pliers (Chain, Round & Flat Nose pliers)
    • Wire Cutter
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