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Large 4mm Crimp Cover (Rose Gold Filled) - 1 pc.

Large 4mm Crimp Cover (Rose Gold Filled) - 1 pc.

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For form and function, cover your crimps (that have been folded in half) with these rounded open metal covers that have a groove in it!  Your folded over crimps will nestle in the groove and hide away from sight, and not snag your hair or your clothing. 

Tip! You can also crimp this on leather as a bead stopper, or cover unsightly gaps in your stringing by post-filling it with this cover.  You can also hide knots, or unsuccessful wire binding.. it's got ALL kinds of practical and pretty uses! 

This 4mm is the largest crimp cover that we carry!

  • 4mm Rose Gold Filled Crimp Cover
  • Quantity: 1 pc.
  • Size: 4mm
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