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Madagascar Labradorite 6mm Round Bead - 8" Strand

Madagascar Labradorite 6mm Round Bead - 8" Strand

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Labradorite for self discovery!
  • 6mm Madagascar Labradorite smooth round bead
  • 8" strand
  • Approximately 34 beads per strand
  • Each strand is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.

Labradorite, with its ability to exhibit flashes of blue fire with hints of green, gold, orange, and more, is a gemstone of magic (mental and intuitive abilities) and self-discovery. This stone can assist one to recognize coincidence, synchronicity, and serendipity as part of one’s abilities. Labradorite allows communication with the highest self. It enhances psychic abilities, strength of will, and a feeling of inner worth. It strengthens and protects our aura.

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