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Mermaid Silk Ribbon - Hand-Dyed!

Mermaid Silk Ribbon - Hand-Dyed!

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Our Hawaiian mermaid, Heidi, wears these all the time from flying as a flight attendant to surfing at the beach!!  They have proven their worth, their strength and durability over thousands of miles around the world, as well as from sea to sky! 

How to wear? Tie them around your neck - boom!! We do a little more with them at The Bead Gallery, so stay tuned for our tutorials as we release them on YouTube!

Enjoy! And hand wash them when they get a little "rough" from wearing it hard!

  • Silk Ribbons - 34”
  • Made with the highest quality raw silk that’s custom ordered to twice the amount of silk per square inch than typical silk clothing!
  • Stitched and small-batched hand-dyed in California.
  • Can be rinsed in cold water.
  • Can be ironed for a “ribbon” look.
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