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Mini Kumihimo Disk - 1 pc. (TLB36)

Mini Kumihimo Disk - 1 pc. (TLB36)

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Kumihimo is an ancient art of Japanese braiding on a wood loom (that looks like a stool), and it's a real treat to do it on a modern-day small lightweight and portable foam disc!  

Truly an amazing art that's transformed over centuries from practical to pretty.  You can braid wire, fiber, silk, beads and combinations of all!  Get started with one of our videos and your choice of cords!  We love to make bracelets, lanyards, keychains, purse pulls and more!
  • Mini Kumihimo Disc for braiding
  • 4 1/4"

Video Tutorials

Basic Kumihimo Braided Cord

Chinese Knotting Cord Tassel

Adjustable Sliding Knot Bracelet

Big Boy Kumihimo Braid

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