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Motorized Bead Reamer (Electric)

Motorized Bead Reamer (Electric)

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This is the easiest way to make your bead holes bigger!  If you are new to reaming, we recommend practicing on freshwater pearls, as they are pretty easy to work with! It makes it perfect for enlarging bead holes (holes that already exist).

This motorized bead reamer tool is compact and lightweight and you just plug it in and it's ready to roll.

Includes 3 diamond-coated tips: small reamer, large reamer,  45° edge reamer.  

Variable speed control: 5,000 – 18,000rpm. 110V.

We also sell higher-quality, long-lasting drill bits that are made in the USA and Germany, and we recommend:

Video Tutorial: How To Ream and Drill with the Bead Reamer at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu

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