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New Jade 7x10mm Teardrop Briolette Bead - 7.5" Strand

New Jade 7x10mm Teardrop Briolette Bead - 7.5" Strand

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    New Jade, also known as Serpentine or Serpentine Jade, is a semi-precious gemstone. Despite its name, New Jade isn't a type of Jade but rather a different mineral altogether. It got its name due to its similar appearance and feel to Jade.

    Serpentine comes in various shades of green, from pale apple green to deep olive, which is similar to colors seen in traditional jade gemstones. It is often translucent to opaque and can have a greasy or silky luster.

    As a healing stone, New Jade or Serpentine is believed to possess many of the same beneficial properties associated with true Jade. This includes spiritual growth, abundance, and healing benefits. It is thought to stimulate an opening in the spiritual energy pathways and aid in the retrieval of wisdom. It is also believed to bring tranquility, protection, and help balance mood swings.

    • 7x10mm New Jade Teardrop Briolette Bead
    • 7.5" strand
    • Approximately 20 beads per strand
    • Each strand is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones
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