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Nylon Jaw Pliers - Straight (TLB22A)

Nylon Jaw Pliers - Straight (TLB22A)

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These nylon jaw pliers are a must for straightening wire, especially colored wire!

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY - This is how we use it at The Bead Gallery - way beyond wire straightening!

We use these to hold large gauge wire, that we don't want to mark up, or needs a very strong grip!

You can also squish jump rings into the same even plane - which is easier than hammering and having your jump rings fly all over the place!

Not just any nylon jaw will do and these are a high-quality nylon which will not damage your wire. 


  • Stainless, box-jointed with comfort grips.
  • Replacement jaws available. Jaw dimensions: 20mm x 10mm.
  • Overall length 5-3/4" (145mm).
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