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Out of This World Super Stone Combo - 4 pcs.

Out of This World Super Stone Combo - 4 pcs.

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Exclusive Out of this World Super Stone Combo tumbled stone mix from The Bead Gallery, Honolulu includes:

  • Tumbled stones: 4 pieces total
    • Merlinite - 1 piece
    • Lemurian Black Jade  - 1 piece
    • Tektite  - 1 piece
    • Cradle of Humankind  - 1 piece
  • Stones range from 20-30mm
  • Tumbled stones have no hole
  • Each mix is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones

Each of the stones in this set was selected for connection to your spirit world and the universe!

Merlinite - a magical dendritic opal/agate, that has shades of purple and grey that will transport you to the days of King Arthur and the mystical powers of Merlin, whom this stone is named after :)

Lemurian Black Jade - Hard, strong, and very practical, linking us all to the ancient magical world of Lemuria.

Tektite - A meteorite that blasted through space and landed on Earth over a million years ago - Tektite is a result of that implosion!

Cradle of Humankind - a stone that is unearthed near a Unesco World Heritage site, that is where the first findings of humankind were found.  Super cool!

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