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Stretchy Cord Spool - A BESTSELLER (STCORD)

Stretchy Cord Spool - A BESTSELLER (STCORD)

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Our best-selling item for our most popular technique! And it's beginner-friendly!!

Stretch floss is made up of multiple strands of stretchy material woven together. This gives it good stretch "memory" (meaning that it's less likely to stretch out permanently) and you are able to use it 4x going through a 20 gauge bead hole.

When stretch floss starts wearing out, the threads will fray and poke out between the beads, making it easier to see that it's time to re-string!

We get these from our luxury gemstone vendor in Hong Kong.  They use this to string their $2000 plus stretchy cord bracelets that they sell exclusively in the Asian market, so we asked them to supply us with the SAME EXACT cord!!

Video Tutorial

Stretchy Cord Bracelet:

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