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Teeny Monstera Leaf Charm (3 Metal Options) - 1 pc.

Teeny Monstera Leaf Charm (3 Metal Options) - 1 pc.

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Monstera plants are popular in Hawaii and their motif shows up in many our of island decor - from quilts, interior decorations, party placemats, and the plants themselves in our homes.

Monstera leaves are often used as a symbol of growth and resilience. Their ability to grow through difficult conditions and adapt to their surroundings is seen as a reminder to persevere and keep growing, despite obstacles.

  • Teeny Monstera Leaf Charm
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 11mm
    • Width: 8.5mm
  • Available in:
    • Sterling Silver
    • Tarnish-Resistant Gold Plated Sterling Silver
    • 23k Rose Gold Vermeil (a Bead Gallery exclusive!)
  • Designed in Canada by our friend and jewelry designer, Dana H.!
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