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Terahertz 3mm Faceted Round Bead - 7" Strand

Terahertz 3mm Faceted Round Bead - 7" Strand

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Invented in Japan by scientists, originally as a thermal conductor. It’s an energy filter and booster!

  • 3mm Terahertz faceted round bead
  • 7" strand
  • Approximately 60 pieces per strand
  • Each strand is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.
Terahertz energy stone is a man-made stone invented by Japanese scientists mainly to protect the body from harmful radiation and electromagnetic smog when worn.
Terahertz is reputed to be a very powerful healing stone that has very high thermal conductivity and oscillating frequency - 1 trillion times per second! One popular method to verify the authenticity of Terahertz stone is that it melts ice very quickly when in contact.
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