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The Kid's Kit! - Super Easy Stringing Necklace Kit (KT403)

The Kid's Kit! - Super Easy Stringing Necklace Kit (KT403)

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Introduce your little ones to the joy of creativity with our Colorful Beading Kit for Kids! Designed to spark imagination and fine motor skills, this kit is perfect for crafting playful, wearable art.

This fun kit comes with hand-cut wood from the Philippines, handmade handpainted ceramic beads from Peru and 3 kinds of cord to choose from!  You will get something similar to the photo!

  • 10 pcs - A mix of 6-10mm wood and ceramic beads, featuring fun patterns and vibrant colors.
  • 3 ft. - 1mm pleather (eco-friendly "vegan" leather), perfect for those who prefer non-animal derived materials.
  • 3 ft. - 0.6mm Chinese knotting cord, ideal for creating intricate designs with ease.
  • 3 ft. - 2mm waxed cotton, offering a durable and comfortable wearing experience.

Simply string, tie a knot and wear! Whether your child is making gifts for friends, a personal necklace, or exploring their own style, our kit provides a canvas for their imagination and a fun way to develop their dexterity and design skills. Let them dive into the world of beading and watch their creativity flourish!

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