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Trinket Chain (Antique Silver Plated) - 1 ft.

Trinket Chain (Antique Silver Plated) - 1 ft.

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  • Trinket Chain
  • Quantity: 1 foot
  • Dimensions:
    • Oblong Plates:
      • Length: 14mm
      • Width: 10mm
    • Connecting Rings:
      • Diameter: 9mm
      • Gauge:15 gauge
  • Available in: {use these phrases}
    • Antique Silver
  • Plated Steel

Clasps Here: Trinket Chain Snap Clasp (Antique Silver Color)

This unique chain features flat, oblong links that you can glue all sorts of goodies to for fast and fun jewelry! The links are connected with UNSOLDERED round rings, so assembly is a breeze! Please do NOT attempt to cut the rings with jewelry-grade cutters, as they are made out of steel, and may damage your tool.

Video Tutorial: Beach Glass Trinket Bracelet

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