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Trolleite 5-Inch Angel Gemstone Specimen - 1 pc.

Trolleite 5-Inch Angel Gemstone Specimen - 1 pc.

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An angel to watch over you and spread the love!

Trolleite is a unique combination of lithium, lepidolite, blue tourmaline, and lazulite. It has a  calming energy that still raises the vibration! This is the crystal of manifestation and connects one with one’s soul’s purpose to bring one’s dreams into reality. Its energy opens the doors to new opportunities, positive energy, and confidence. Trolleite activates and works with all chakras, making it a perfect tool for energy workers. It enhances one’s spiritual powers and strengthens one’s intuition. This is also a great tool to facilitate the release of fear and negative emotions to guide the body, mind, and spirit to enlightenment.

  • 5 inches tall
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